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The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano, led by Omar Alfredo Zambrano, is based in Baldwin Park, California. Omar Zambrano is a highly experienced attorney with over 20 years of legal practice, specializing in various areas of law including bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, real estate law, civil litigation, and immigration law​.

Omar Zambrano graduated with high honors from the University of Southern California Law School and has been admitted to the California State Bar since 2004​.


His law firm is known for offering personalized and dedicated legal services, with a strong commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for clients.

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Omar Alfredo Zambrano is a distinguished attorney based in Baldwin Park, California, known for his extensive legal experience and dedication to his clients. Here’s a summary of his professional journey and achievements:

Education and Early Career

Omar Alfredo Zambrano’s journey to becoming a respected attorney began with a strong academic foundation. He graduated with high honors from the University of Southern California Law School, where he distinguished himself academically and developed a passion for law. His rigorous education equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex legal landscape.

Legal Career Beginnings

Legal Career Beginnings Upon his admission to the California State Bar in 2004, Omar Zambrano quickly made a name for himself in the legal community. His early career was marked by a dedication to understanding the intricacies of various legal disciplines, which later formed the cornerstone of his diverse legal practice.

Establishment of the Law Offices of Omar Zambrano

In 2004, driven by a vision to provide comprehensive and client-focused legal services, Omar Zambrano founded the Law Offices of Omar Zambrano. Located in Baldwin Park, California, the firm quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Omar’s commitment to his clients and his ability to handle a wide array of legal matters have been instrumental in the firm’s success.

Legal Practice and Specializations

Omar Zambrano’s firm handles various legal matters, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive legal support under one roof. The firm is known for its expertise in:

  • Bankruptcy: Assisting clients with Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, offering debt relief solutions.

  • Criminal Defense: Providing robust defense strategies for charges like DUI and DWI.

  • Family Law: Covering divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family-related legal matters.

  • Immigration Law: Offering guidance on visas, citizenship, deportation defense, and more.

  • Real Estate Law: Managing property transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, and other real estate issues.

Client-Centered Approach at the Law Offices of Omar Zambrano

  • Personalized Attention: Each client receives individual attention and tailored legal strategies.​

  • Comprehensive Legal Services: Provides a wide range of legal services including bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, immigration law, civil litigation, and real estate law.

  • Bilingual Services: Fluent in both English and Spanish, making legal services accessible to a diverse clientele.

  • High Success Rate: Proven track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients, demonstrating expertise and dedication.

  • Experienced Representation: Over 20 years of legal experience, ensuring knowledgeable and effective representation.

  • Client Empowerment: Educates clients about their legal rights and options, empowering them to make informed decisions.

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  • How are assets valued during a divorce?
    Assets are typically valued based on their fair market value at the time of the divorce. This process can involve professional appraisals for real estate, businesses, and valuable personal property like art or antiques.
  • How is child custody determined in California?
    Child custody is determined based on the best interests of the child. Factors considered include the child's health, safety, and welfare, the nature of the parent-child relationship, and the ability of each parent to provide a stable and loving environment.
  • What happens to our home in a divorce?
    The family home can be handled in various ways depending on the couple’s situation and agreements. Options include one spouse buying out the other’s interest, selling the home and dividing the proceeds, or continuing co-ownership for a period.
  • How is debt divided in a divorce in California?
    Debts incurred during the marriage are generally considered community property and are typically divided equally between the spouses. This includes credit card debts, loans, and mortgages. However, debts that are clearly linked to one spouse’s separate property may be assigned to that spouse.
  • What if my spouse and I can’t agree on how to divide our property?
    If negotiation and mediation fail, the case may need to go to court where a judge will decide based on California law. Our firm strives to reach amicable settlements out of court whenever possible, but we are fully prepared to represent you in court if necessary.
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