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Why do victims stay?

Why do victims stay?

Love Abusers are not harmful all the time. Majority of abusers have a likable and loving side. Many victims truly believe that they can change the abuser’s behavior.

They fear many abusers threaten to hurt or kill themselves if their victim decides to leave. Abusers often threaten that the violence will progress if the partner decides to leave.

Doubt It’s not always simple for a victim to own up to the relationship being abusive. If the victim’s partner is especially popular at school or in the community, the victim may be concerned about losing social status.

Victims can be embarrassed of an “I told you so” response from those who have tried to help in the past.

Victims often hope for change and that the abuser will return to the person he was at the beginning of the relationship— the person she fell in love with.

As a strategy of the abuse, the abuser is focused on isolating the victim to access resources and supportive people.

Societal Denial Abusers often have a public face that is charming and charismatic; it is difficult for those who only know that side to believe that abuse is taking place.

Societal Expectations The victim may see ending the relationship as a failure and may also fear social stigma. The victim may not fit stereotypes about victims of domestic abuse.

It may lack resources for the victim to contact supportive people, and she may not have money or any way to find housing.


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