How does witnessing domestic violence affect academic performance?

How does witnessing domestic violence affect academic performance?

All of the signs and symptoms that are accompanied with traumatic stress – hyperarousal, re-experiencing, sleep disturbances, avoidance – have negative effects on children’s capacity to focus and learn in school. For example, one little boy I treated said, “Whenever I see a blank piece of paper, I see the face of the man who attacked my Mom on that piece of paper.” Well, how can a child learn if every time he starts his class work, he’s confronted by a horrible image? Or a child in school might hear another child slam a book down hard on a desk and instantly reminisces of the sound of one parent punching the other. Any ordinary event that occurs in a classroom hundreds of times a day—bells ringing, people shouting, one child bumping into another—can trigger intrusive memories. These memories and images interrupt learning.​


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