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Get Multiple Copies of the Death Certificate.

1. Get Multiple Copies of the Death Certificate

If you are the spouse or executor/executrix of the deceased person, the first step is to head to the city clerk’s office or your local vital statistics office and get certified copies of the death certificate. Obtain at least 10 copies; 20 copies if possible.

Reason why: A number of financial institutions, government agencies, creditors, unions, membership groups and other organizations won’t discuss with you about a loved one’s financial affairs let alone take action, like closing an account – until you produce a death certificate. So you’ll need this valuable document before you start contacting banks, investment companies and other firms.

There’s another purpose to immediately request multiple death certificates. “Nobody is going to pay you anything without them.

The fee to obtain a single certified copy of a death certificate typically ranges from about $5 to $20. Although, additional certified copies are often provided at a discount if you order them with your initial request. Also, many funeral homes will give you one or two certified copies of the death certificate free of charge.


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