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How To Use a Debt Consolidation Calculator

If you've taken on too much debt and are looking for ways to make your payments more manageable, a debt consolidation calculator can be a great tool. Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple sources of debt into one single payment. This can lower monthly payments as well as the total amount you pay over time. Knowing how to use a debt consolidation calculator is essential in helping you determine whether consolidating your debts makes sense for you.

Using a consolidation calculator requires that you have accurate information about each of your individual debts, including account balances, interest rates and remaining repayment terms. This information should all be gathered before using the calculator so that it can accurately estimate how much money consolidating will save over time. Once this information has been plugged into the calculator, it will generate an estimated loan amount and payment plan with which you could pay off your consolidated debts in full.

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