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What Is Robo-Signing and How Does It Affect My Mortgage?

The term “robo-signing” refers to the process of signing and processing documents related to a mortgage or loan without actually verifying their accuracy. This practice has caused major issues for homeowners looking to refinance or modify their mortgages. It is important for homeowners to understand what robo-signing is and how it might affect them if they are trying to refinance or modify their mortgage.

Robo-signing can take many forms, but generally it occurs when documents related to a mortgage loan are signed without verifying the accuracy of the information contained in them. For example, some lenders have been known to sign foreclosure paperwork without making sure that all of the details were correct. This practice can lead to a homeowner being foreclosed upon even though there may be mistakes or inaccuracies in the paperwork that could prevent foreclosure from occurring.

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