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Practice Areas

We would like to introduce the , California Law Offices of Omar Zambrano. The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano offers many services that assist the community in areas of practice such as Immigration Law, Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Living Trust, Wills, Court Representation and Real Estate Law. Our offices represent individuals living in and other diverse communities in Southern California including the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego.

Real Estate Law


Bankruptcy Attorney Omar Zambrano is also a Real Estate Broker innovator in the dynamic real estate marketplace. We found that working with many real estate agents was a frustrating process of educating them on real estate law and how to properly protect our clients’ interests.


In response, we created an in-house

brokerage, Clear Point Real Estate Services, to properly service our clients’ needs and protect their interests. This allows us to control all aspects of the real estate transaction to make certain nothing goes wrong, and our clients are protected.




Banktruptcy Law

Times are tough! With rising medical bills, lawsuits, wage garnishments and unmanageable credit card balances, individuals all over the CA area are looking for relief from their debts.


The Law Office of Omar Zambrano is more than just a bankruptcy law firm.We welcome everyone from, California and feel free to browse our website, read more about our services, or contact us for a FREE Consultation..


Family Law


The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano are committed to providing  legal services that minimize the financial and emotional burdens of the legal process for family law clients.


The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano will work with you to establish what is over all the best decision for you and the other party involved. Allow us to assist in dividing up the marital property, deciding on child custody and visitation arrangements, spousal support, and other matters that may come up in legal separation.

Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Omar Zambrano practices of Civil Litigation have achieved excellent results in a wide range of legal matters.


Civil litigation can be time-consuming and stressful. The relationship you have with your attorney must be based on trust. We only represent clients in cases where we believe we can be of service. We will review your particular situation and give you our honest assessment of your situation. Schedule a free consultation concerning your civil litigation case, call our office!


Criminal Law


The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano are a team of expert attorneys, who specialize in the practice of criminal defense.

If you are facing any criminal charges, you may be afraid and intimidated by the legal process that may lie ahead of you, knowing that it may change your life forever and that each step depends on a right or wrong decision to be made.


If you are deeply concerned about yoru freedom, reputation, professional future and financial consequences, family life and relationships, we understand, that everything is at stake.



Our team of Immigration Attorneys has had a number of successes, possesses experience and expert knowledge in fields ranging from obtaining temporary work visas, permanent residence in the United States, as well as obtaining a U.S. citizenship or green cards. We are happy to help you in cases of deportation defense and other difficult immigration related questions.  We understand the diversity of our clients and that all of you have your own, unique story to tell.


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