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Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles | The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano | Experienced D.U.I. Defense Attorneys

The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano are a team of expert attorneys, who specialize in the practice of criminal defense.

If you are facing any criminal charges, you may be afraid and intimidated by the legal process that may lie ahead of you, knowing that it may change your life forever and that each step depends on a right or wrong decision to be made. If you are deeply concerned about yoru freedom, reputation, professional future and financial consequences, family life and relationships, we understand, that everything is at stake. We are here to help and understand that you want nothing but the best possible result, and the least legal consequences for your life.

We are dedicated to defending our clients in Criminal Defense cases.

We will work with you, and we will make sure to let you know ahead, whether we can guarantee results in your case. You should be weary of any lawyer, that promises results, without hearing the depth and background of your case, and we advise you to take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION, and give us a phone call today. Our experienced team of lawyers will stand by you and will fight for you every step of the way. We are hard working and precise, practical and creative, and we work with experts in this field.

Our team of experienced attorneys have handled almost every type of criminal prosecution ranging from simple misdemeanors, to complex cases, and have represented thousands of individuals from all walks of life.  We successfully represent clients in trial and on appeal, in state and federal court.  We proudly receive referrals from the police officers and prosecutors with whom we work, as well as from the judges before whom we appear.

    Terrorist Threats
    Domestic Violence
    Sex Crimes
    Theft Crimes
    DUI Defense

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Omar Zambrano have extensive knowledge of the legal system and can begin building a strategy for your defense immediately. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation of your case. We will speak with you regarding the charges you face, review the police report, answer any questions you may have and let you know what the next step should be to help ensure a win for your case.

Having a criminal defense attorney is an important decision, and for some people, it may be the most important decision of your life.  The Law Offices of Omar Zambrano are here for you!

    Internet Crimes
    Drug Possession
    Drug Transportation
    Drug Trafficking
    Juvenile Crimes
    Credit Card Fraud
    Medical Marijuana

What is Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process used to resolve non-criminal disputes between private parties, including individuals, corporations, and governments. This legal mechanism is primarily focused on providing a remedy to the aggrieved party, often in the form of monetary compensation or specific performance of a contract. The procedure initiates when the plaintiff files a complaint against the defendant, outlining the basis of the dispute and the desired resolution.


Throughout the litigation process, both parties engage in various stages such as discovery, where they exchange information pertinent to the case, and motions, where legal arguments are made before the court. If unresolved through settlement, the case proceeds to a trial, where evidence is presented and a judge or jury makes a decision. This outcome can be subject to appeal by the dissatisfied party, extending the litigation process.

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