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6 -Tip for Your Child Custody Case in California.

#6- If you are recently separated from the other parent, it is better to avoid the company of your boyfriend or girlfriend in any visitation you have with the children. It is not presentable to have new boyfriends or girlfriends living with you or spending the night with you when the children are present. It can be disrupting to the children and can appear to the court that you put your need to be with your new friend before your children’s needs and that you lack good judgment concerning the children.

If you have been separated for six months or more and have developed a stable relationship with someone else, having that person present on your visitations is not as dangerous.Be certain to thoroughly analyze the character of any adult friends you permit to be around the children. Anyone known to be a drug user, drug seller, child molester, or convicted felon should never be permitted around your children.


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